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44 page zine. Full Color.
5.5" x 8.5". Edition of 24.
I wanted to do a project that involved a somewhat larger-than-normal photoshoot. I was feeling...documenty. I knew that I was going to do Dawn of Outsiderism which had the same sort of top-level mandate, but I wasn't quite ready to dive into that.

And I was surrounded by all of these toys. So I started taking photos and looking for themes. At the time, I was working on a few sculpting/molding projects and working towards getting some figures into production with Niall and Luke, and as a part of that project, I was having fun with the idea that I was bootlegging myself in a few different ways. And I started to muse around on the difference and tastes and sensitibilities surrounding mashup toys, bootleg toys, etc.

So I took a bunch of photos. And then I probably wrote WAY too much in terms of a glossary, a position statement, and legend/key for everything I'd included. I don't know if I was writing it to you, or to my 50 years from now self.

Note that there's at least one toy (of mine; it's a mashup that Luke gave me as a gift that involves a three-horned Shub head that's been sttrangely placed onto an En-Man body) that belongs in this book but that's missing. For that fact I weep.