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Kitbashed figure cast in marbled Pink w/ GID vinyl;
Neon green and silver sprays; 6.5". Comes w/ zine, stickers, and 3/4" enamel pin.
This is a pretty blatant copycat colorway. And I love it.

A few years ago (2015? '14?) The fabulous folks at Gargamel released as a part of their Lucky Bag some amazing hot pink and GID swirled vinyl characters. I've had an unpainted Teenage Randall (from Mr. Bwana Spoons) and a lil' mini Helper (vis a vis Tim Biskup) from that collection on my desk at work ever since.

And so, of course, inevitably, I have gone over the river and through the woods with that very simple scheme and decided that the world needed one of my toys produced in said tones. And so here we are. But...wait.

I don't know if you've gotten the memo, but I have some pretty serious problems with self-worth and basic human validation. I more or less am more or less sure that I'm a reptile (or, at best, a type of amphibious lizard-frog) that may have bright and attractive features (to some kind of unknowably correlating species of thing) but am in reality quite toxic and ever-wet with poisonous secretions and brainwaves.

And, well, I've had cause (or not at all...hello mental illness!) to dwell on that definition of myself at this same time as working with these beautiful colors and I've decided that this color combination is exactly what a poisonous creature like myself would be drawn to and hope to be possessing of so as to draw others into spitting and kicking and crying distance and, well, I allowed myself to get a little bit high on it. For a moment.

Maybe it will make sense if and when you see the zine, but the bottom line/short version is that I experimented with venting my insatiable need to hurt myself and those surrounding me (for surrounding me) by making a zine instead of cutting my belly open again or switching to my face or picking up the phone and using my dumb fucking mouth to kick my family out of my life which just reFUSES to end.

It kind of worked. Look how pretty. :)