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100% Cotton, Pigment-Dyed Crewneck Sweatshirt in Cactus and Brick. Hand-screened in HB Volt + GID + White. Wave 05; 2021 Capsule Collection


Here we are, at the end of the year, and let me just tell you: I am tired.

’21 was one of those moments that was so full of promise—the promise of surivival, not of thriving, but still—and, well, we’re here, but we all really know how it’s gone. It’s still pretty grim. Pretty tough.

Pretty easy to get overwhelmed.

And that’s where I’ve been, friend: suffocating myself in my own self, as opposed to venturing out and sampling the fresh air that life has to offer.

I say that like this affliction is cured or I am somehow healed of this malaise. Alas, I am not. But awareness appears to be the first part of the first part of some solution, and so the bell goes ding and my heart keeps its beat. For now.

Did you see me accidentally start that last paragraph as Mark Twain and end it as a cheap Kurt Vonnegut? I didn’t until it was too late.

This is the final wave of the year—MAP—and ironically, it is the simplest design I’ve offered thusfar.

The metaphor is pretty simple: there’s a known route to some point B in life, and yet, the path we actually take to that point very rarely—if ever—resembles that route.

I think we can all argue this until the cows come home, but it is beautiful to me, and so here it is. Consider it my civilized attempt at declaring, ahem, Fuck School.

For the garments themselves, you really do have a wonderful decision: you can be very understatedly colorful in the most comfortable shirt you’ve ever worn, or you can be murdered-out in that special, aggressive-cuff crewneck you’ve come to know and love.

Yes that means that, as long as the global supply chain doesn’t fail, the heavy duty’s are champion reverse-weaves.

As either a word of warning or wonder, I’ll be doing some jazz stuff on press. For the back print, I know the photos make it look like we might be looking at a white on white print….the letters and ‘path’, however, are rendered in glow in the dark ink. 

Said luminous ink is pretty strange, and I’ve experienced some scorching at regular curing temps. Note that this may happen before you order.

Likewise, depending on how many units are ordered, I may be doing some hand-blending/split fountain printing between volt, glow, and white.

All just to say (the sour comes with sweet): I may be doing some stuff that makes what is already sure to be a very limited run even more special (but I’m not sure what that will be yet), and, well, I’m not sure if they will be happy accidents or just accidents.

There’ve been a few mistakes over the year and I believe each time I’ve been able to work something out with the person or persons…so if you’ve come with me this far, no sense getting spooked now.

Also, and I say this quietly, if you purchase this wave and you’ve participated in any other waves of this year’s capsule, leave three options for a favorite number in the notes at checkout. You’ll find out why, and I’ll find out if you read.

This project has really been fun and I’ve learned so much. Here’s looking forward to whatever it is I decide to do in 22. I’m pot-committed now, so I’m sure it’ll be something.

Note: This is a preorder item. Orders will be open from November 22, 2021 through December 6, 2021 at 11:59pm. Feel free to tell a friend.

Note Note: As ever, orders will come with free pins, stickers, and anything else I can justify throwing in to butter you up.

Note Note Note: Male Model is wearing size XXL on all styles. Color and print placement may vary in finished product.