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100% Cotton L/S T-Shirt in Cactus. Hand-screened in HB Volt + White. Wave 04; 2021 Capsule Collection


What an unexpectedly long journey this wave has been. I’m fairly certain that in order to truly and accurately document the twists and turns that this wave took, I’ll need to probably make a dedicated zine. Which at the moment sounds like a huge pain…but maybe with some distance I’ll feel equipped to do that. 

Here’s the short version:

  • I knew I was going to a festival for the first time since Covid, and I wanted to print some ‘band’ shirts.
  • I originally intended to bootleg some Pushead graphics for it, but then I chickened out. I’m glad I did.
  • And then I spent about 2 months creating over a dozen ‘bands’ and band logos.
  • Once the logos were done, I embarked upon. a scrapbook-style design sprint to figure out which designs were worth printing.
  • At one point, I believe I was supporting upwards of 100 possible design candidates.

Then I realized that my festival date was a week away. So I got the machete out and edited everything down to a few key elements:

  • The idea of an overwhelming festival logo garden
  • one or two band logos
  • a series of graphics that could be combined and recombined to varying effect.

By doing things in this way, I ended up getting to do some on-press design, which is what I had really ultimately wanted to set up in the first place.

This led me down a (long) road of thinking about what makes a band logo good, what makes shirt graphics indicative of, like, anything and, well, it turned into some pretty major design wankery.

So I simplified: We’ve got ZununuS and Hobgoblin, two of the world’s biggest bands you’ve never heard of, and it is entirely up to you to decide what kind of music they play. 

Add to that a whole mess of other bands that I can trot out whenever I like and, well, there’s a shitload here.
I’m exhausted, and frankly kind of mentally unwell at the moment, but I love the hell out of this Wave. 

Note: This is a preorder item. Orders will be open from October 18, 2021 through November 1, 2021 at 11:59pm. Feel free to tell a friend.

Note Note: As ever, orders will come with free pins, stickers, and anything else I can justify throwing in to butter you up.

Note Note Note: Male Model is wearing size XXL on all styles. Color and print placement may vary in finished product.

For those keeping track and reading the liner notes, that’s: Boris Karloff in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, The Wizard of Id by Johnny Hart, Steve Buscemi, and an amazing Urania cover by Karel Thole. Standing on the shoulders of giants.