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100% Cotton T-Shirt in Black. Hand-screened in HB Volt + White. Wave 03; 2021 Capsule Collection


In celebration of my bringing a long-time vision to life last Wave, I (guess I) decided to slave over design details and doodads for this wave.

The good news: the printing aspect of this process is getting more familiar to me. I’ve got a bit more control at the press and can see a bit more clearly into the future from my mind’s eye while in design.

The other news: I really really threw myself into this project. My initial concept was to create a series of sigils and ideograms that could start to weave together to make a kind of ‘national’-level vocabulary.

Like our American vocabulary. As in: who decided on eagles and olive branches and arrows and such?

The entire Arcane Sigil (over 7 years and running) project has ultimately been about this vocabulary-constructing process. It’s…really mysterious and liberating and terrifying.

My original thinking was a flag that included symbology that marks some kind of organizing principle, as well as tenets (visually expressed) that serve as pillars to whatever community this flag represents.

The pencil-sword (much, much more to say about this), and the snake knife are both incredibly fertile territory for exploring (and, eventually?) explaining the DNA at the core of Therefore, Nul.

But for now, instead of being literal and simple, we’re deconstructing the elements we just constructed in order to make a ‘Therefore-esque’ or even ‘Patriotic’ piece of clothing.

‘Patriotic’, incidentally, in this case, is really just referring to the adherence to strict brand standards. Don’t get it twisted.

Speaking of patriots, the front of the shirt reads:

The Patriot’s job is to die;
The Nation’s job is to live.

On the back are a familiar family of linchpins:

Avoid Authority
Challenge Tradition
Resent Restriction

Thus sums up my latest attempt at propaganda.

The chillshorts, too, are at the very peak of comfort and fun. I’ve also learned a bunch from the past two chillshorts designs and these prints should be a bit more crack resistant than those.

Note: This is a preorder item. Orders will be open from August 2, 2021 through August 15, 2021 at 11:59pm. Feel free to tell a friend.

Note Note: As ever, orders will come with free pins, stickers, and anything else I can justify throwing in to butter you up.

Note Note Note: Male Model is wearing size XXL on both top and bottom.