Zinewolf Halloween

20 page zine. Full color.
Edition of 25.

This item is not available.

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Zinewolf Halloween

Available only as part of the 'Halloween' Zinewolf toy release. This marked the second official release of Zinewolf, and it's really where I had a formative (and in hindsight, totally obvious) epiphany: I want to create and release a zine with every release of Zinewolf. I had already created one with the initial release and so yay: it all made sense.

This decision does a few things...the biggest being that it frees me up to do whatever I want in the accompanying zines...I've rationalized not selling them (but rather giving them away as omakes) as license to source imagery from wherever (mostly Tumblr) and do what I want with it.

A morally and emotionally gray position, of course.

The narrative of this zine is built by taking Tumblr-sourced photos of statues and mouths, overlaying them with textures made of uncut/unassembled zinewolf parts, and laying over a poem-essay influenced by two favorite passages from HP Lovecraft and H Rider Haggard.