HB Capsule 2081
Gunshot [Womens' V]

100% Cotton, Discharge-printed tee with front and back print. Part of the 2081 Hateball Capsule Collection.

>>> Also available in mens’ crewneck.

This item is not available.

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HB Capsule 2081
Gunshot [Womens' V]

Preamble note to all women: Look, I'm a big guy. I design things for a very large back (mine). BUT! In the event that you want to buy one of these shirts, I'm making them available to you on a wonderful V-neck blank. The print may wrap around your back a bit, depending on your size and the print itself. Just know that before you buy. It's gonna be fine, but it's gonna be. You are awesome and thank you for looking at this.

Note: This is a preorder. Shirts may vary in color or size/placement of graphic. To be printed and delivered in December 2018.

Also Note: Printed on Tultex 0214 Blanks which is basically more comfortable than any other t-shirt you've had before. Not a sweatbox.

Also also note: Thank you.

Also also also: Model is wearing size Large, as in: she is largely responsible for my doing any of this stuff. In a good way.