Blackpack [Redux]

Six assorted felt patches, and two die-struck pins, all in all-black.

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Blackpack [Redux]

As I have done in the past, I'm extending a bit of faith to you, o deep-digger of products*. I'll not ask you to buy single-patches on-off in impossible-to-see blackout versions and hope that you like the end result.

No, instead, I'm offering you a bundle of impossible-to-see blackout patches, and I'm doing so with (hopefully) enough context (via product pages for the non-blackout versions of these products) so that you can be as-sure-as-can-be about your decision to purchase this little package.

Unlike with the previous letting, all of the items contained herein are otherwise not for sale or impossible to get on their own...so this is a fairly exclusive get.

This includes (blackout versions of the following):

Ex Libris Set (3 4" patches on felt)
Bonus: Therefore Nul Patch (4" patch on felt)
Spidergraph (5" patch on felt)
Arcane Sigil: Shadowgram (5" patch on felt)
Life (1" die struck pin w/ no fill/sandblasted bed)
Forever Unseen (3/4" die struck pin w/ no fill/sandblasted bed)
(Also probably some stickers and things.**)

*I know I'm talking to two of you max. Hello friend and friend.
**These will not be all-black.