Zinewolf: Creative Brief (Excerpt)

The idea is a simple one: I’d like to make a toy of myself. I’m sure everybody thinks it and I’m just gonna be the dumbass who actually does it. That said, I’d like it to be a desperately fictionalized version of myself. Of course. The way I’d describe it to someone in 30-seconds or less—the classic ‘Elevator Pitch’—would really take about ten...at most:

"An upright humanoid form that is evenly split between a classic Roth-style Fink, Teenwolf, and myself.”

But what does that really mean…especially for someone (me) who can’t draw worth a lick? Well...it means that I’d like to describe to you—unnamed artist but probably never ever ever anybody else—piece-by-piece and feature-by-feature what that looks like to me. I’d then like to provide you with plenty of photo reference for those features; inspirations and scrap and the like. Then I’d like to show you a few toys and call out the features, proportions, or mechanical details that I think make them similar to what I’m talking about.

Sound OK? You are probably rolling your eyes. But please: bear with me.

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