Quite strange to consider Halloween.
All Hallows. Samhain. Etc.

Strange to consider it since we’re alive.
Your’e alive? Am I alive?

Strange to believe in something
that nobody really believes in.

Strange to define things in terms of what
nobody or somebody thinks.

Do you believe in anything?
Do you see things you believe in?

Are you ready to die?
Do you believe that?

What happens when you die?
Why shouldn’t we haunt?

Aren’t we just a ‘temporary race
called mankind’? (We are.)

If we can know that,
why can’t we get outside ourselves?

What is to say that ghosts aren’t
just men who’ve altered their perspective?

What is to say that they are not speaking to us.
Haunting as educators. As showers. As revealers.

They ‘cross the line to the boundless;
The hideous unknown—the shadow-haunted OUTSIDE’

And they tell us about it. They speak to us.
And we fear them. But what is fear?

The universe—the cosmos—is full of ghosts.
Not sheeted churchyard spectres.

No. Inextinguishable and immortal
elements of life.

Having once been, they can never die.
Though they blend and change and change again forever.

The old moon shines, for it is new.
The outside gapes…it is there regardless of us.

Right, wrong, life, death.
These things have desperate little to do with you or I.

We fear the realities of the universe.
Those realities remind us that we are ghosts.

Ghosts with no haunt.
Haunting an empty space to no effect.


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