Arcane Sigil

Nothing means anything.

Sure, in the literal sense, ‘nothing’ can just as easily mean ‘anything’ as it does ‘nothing’ or ‘everything’. If you look at it as a neutral or zerosum statement, it‘s whatever you decide you want it to be. It both is what it is, and represents a larger isn‘t that is.

But in a figurative, words-that-mean-stuff way, nothing—no word or phrase or expression or symbol or piece of communication—actually means something. Any given language or picture or sign is a representation of whatever it comes closest to meaning or being or saying or sounding like...but it isn‘t the actual thing.

Which ultimately means that nothing means anything, save for what someone somewhere at some point or another decided to say something means to someone else, and that someone else—either purposefully or without knowing—agreed to those terms.

Some unknowable and long-forgotten force (see opposite) has determined the colors and shape of your thinking.

You probably don‘t consider that as much as you should.

Nothing means anything. Everything you know and every tool you have at your disposal for connecting to and relating with others has been predefined—like a template. a box—and handed down to you by beings that never once imagined a world that contained you.

Bleak, sure. Unavoidable and impossible to change, probably.

Unless of course you cross the streams. Do unto others.

Attach yourself—your meaning—to the language shared by all. Create symbols and signs full of esoteric and unknowable meaning. Cancel this inherited blight that has been foisted upon you and in so doing engineer a framework of your own knowing.

And then project that framework onto all whom you may meet.


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