Hateball is an alias that one Justin Jewett has used (loosely) for his extra-professional and personal hobby projects since 2001.

He's contributed—in varying degrees and capacities—to several brands you may have heard of (Metacrypt, Mishka) and a few you maybe haven't (Rocket Society, Komrade).

I also hate—like, HATE—talking about myself in the third person, so there goes that.

I'm currently working on two ongoing projects: Arcane Sigil and Revisionist.

Nul (pronounced ‘therefore nul’) is a bit of a shell—a holding company— for projects and merchandise I put out against the Hateball identity. Which is probably all just fancy talk for wanting to design a new logo and shit, but go figure.

At the moment, the plan is to continue to release a smattering of patches and zines ((mostly) all loosely tied to or associated with Arcane Sigil or Revisionist projects) in addition to major and minor toys—Zinewolf, Droolids, other collaborations—at a predictable pace through 2016.

Metacrypt is an ongoing collaboration between Brian Ewing and myself. The idea is to build a brand—a world—around Shub Zeroth (He, From Beyond) that is both complementary to that narrative, but also to our shared aesthetic. The best way to stay up to date about Metacrypt happenings is to subscribe to the mailing list.

Rocket Society is a mostly-dormant entity that a partner and I started in 2000. While I would not consider it an art project by any means—we specialized in building custom web solutions for small, medium, and large-scale clientele—there are aspects of that brand that bleed into my work with Hateball and ∴Nul.